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CE Winds Saxophones & Handmade Saxophone Mouthpieces

CE Winds is a manufacturer of quality handmade saxophone mouthpieces located in sunny Southwest Florida. All handmade saxophone mouthpieces are made in our shop from start to finish. We do not buy pre-made blanks like many companies, we make our own in house! Our team has been professionally trained using the standards we set to make each mouthpiece to meet the demands of even the most critical saxophone players.

CE Winds also partners with experienced factories to offer intermediate & professional Saxophones & Flutes; The NEW Series, Studio Pro Series, Artist Series & The Original Diamond Series! Each instrument is handmade using the best materials available to us, and assembled / set-up in the United States.

Through our instrument trading and purchasing programs, we also offer many great used and vintage saxophones and saxophone mouthpieces for sale in our store – keep checking back because our used and vintage saxophone and saxophone mouthpiece inventory is always changing!

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