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Free Saxophone Reeds For Students

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Free Saxophone Reeds For Students

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Complete the order form below.

Please fill out all required information, and allow up to two weeks for delivery of your saxophone reeds.

Maximum quantity per order: 2 (change quantity to 2 in cart)

May reorder again after 30 days.

Maximum orders per year: 12

To remain in the Free Reeds For Students Program, you will be automatically signed up for the CE Winds newsletter (and you must remained signed up while you are receiving free reeds), and you will receive a coupon code for 8% off of your first purchase from CE Winds!


We know what it's like to be a student, thats why we want to give students free saxophone reeds!

We have a surplus of new & unplayed saxophone reeds, some in open packages and some in their new retail packages, from brands like Rico & Vandoren, as well as some factory blanks, and in various types and sizes.

Sizes and brand based on availability. We keep this list as updated as possible so if you do not see the size you need we most likely do not have it at this time.

If you are a middle school, high school, or college student in the United States, and you currently play saxophone at school, fill out the form below and we will send you 2 saxophone reeds, free of charge. No purchase necessary, we will even cover the shipping. You can make a new request for saxophone reeds once every thirty days.

Just think, you may never have to purchase another saxophone reed again while you are in school!

To remain in the Free Reeds For Students Program, you will be automatically signed up for the CE Winds newsletter (and you must remained signed up while you are receiving free reeds), and you will receive a coupon code for 8% off of your first purchase from CE Winds!


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Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic Idea!!
    Review by Bellaon 9/7/14
    As a student just coming from middle school, in a district that doesn't put a lot into their music program, I know it is hard for many students to get reeds. I have a difficult time balancing the cost of reeds, by doing this, it is a great opportunity for students to continue what they love with a little less burden about money.
  • Thanks
    Review by Derickon 12/18/13
    these are aways needed!! Thank you again
    Review by SaxGirl2017on 11/24/13
    I think this a great thing!
  • Tenor
    Review by Brandon on 11/24/13
    Is it possible to do this with tenor reeds?
  • Wow
    Review by Saxophoneon 11/23/13
    Thanks for being awesome!
  • Saxophone Reeds
    Review by Jazzyon 7/15/13
    I think this is an excellent opportunity for musician to continue on with their studying of the saxophone without having to worry about buying them from their music teachers.
  • Amazing
    Review by Jayon 2/23/13
    This is a really cool & nice thing for them to do this for us, thank you.
    Review by Jonathanon 2/20/13
    Will review after I get them.
  • Interesting
    Review by Viperon 2/19/13
    Im interested to see what happens with these reeds
  • Good Stuff
    Review by Jimmsbyon 2/19/13
    I am in a pretty large jazz band and these reeds are the shiz. I'm first chair for a reason
  • Awesome
    Review by Jakeon 2/19/13
    What a greaat idea!! This will help me so much. I can't believe you are doing this. I want to thank you in advance.
  • reeds
    Review by Willaon 2/19/13
    free saxaphone reed. Firm 3.5 if possible
  • Awful NIce of them
    Review by Harryon 2/19/13
    I havent got the reeds yet, but I am very thankful of this great program. Thank you CE Winds!
  • Good idea
    Review by Brantleyon 2/19/13
    This is a unique and interesting idea that has the potential to be very helpful to a lot of students.
  • Outstanding quality
    Review by Troyguyon 2/19/13
    Worked well, good sound, outstanding quality
  • Kick @ss
    Review by Randyon 2/19/13
    Free Reeds, what's not to love!!
  • Many young musicians will have the opportunity to continue practicing their instrument. This program can even inspire people to continue playing.
  • Never used this before
    Review by Leif93on 2/19/13
    I have played the sax for 7 years now and am excited to finally find a place I can get reeds for free! They can get quite pricey and playing with chipped reeds is no fun!
  • Careless Whisper
    Review by Sergio69on 2/19/13
    These reeds make my sexy sax playing that much sexier.
  • You guys rock
    Review by Joshon 2/18/13
  • Great
    Review by Ekaterinaon 2/18/13
  • Great, fantasitic
    Review by Justinon 2/18/13
    As a student currently playing the saxophone reeds are so expensive!!! I'm so glad a company would do this!!!
  • Very helpful
    Review by Roberton 2/18/13
    This is very helpful to students. Im glad ppl are helping however they can.
  • Fantastic
    Review by Batfinkon 2/18/13
    I love this.
  • Excellent!
    Review by Lauraon 2/18/13
    It's great to have reeds for free! It can get kind of expensive and I appreciate it!
  • Very good!
    Review by VerdantBarion 2/18/13
    This site is a means of getting reeds easily for every student!
  • great reeds
    Review by pizzaon 2/18/13
    Great reeds, lower prices!
  • Amazing!
    Review by StoneJoneson 2/18/13
    This is amazing! As a student it's not always easy to purchase new reeds, but this makes it possible, and free of charge! Thank you CE Winds!
  • Awesome
    Review by Tton 2/16/13
    This is awesome . Its not everyday that us saxophone players get reeds. Thanks for this opportunity .
  • Great
    Review by Nicoleon 2/13/13
    enjoy playing
  • Awesome
    Review by Joshon 1/30/13
  • Best thing to do for a student!
    Review by saxyon 11/30/12
    As a college student, i have to manage my money. Spending too much on one thing means i might not have enough money for something else. A tiny slip up can mean not doing laundry or not being able to pay for gas. So being able to get ANYTHING for free is amazing. Especially something you have to replace as often as reeds. This is a great service you guys at ce winds are doing, you are really helping people out
  • Awesome service.
    Review by Blooperbuddyon 11/29/12
    Free reeds are cool man.
  • thanks
    Review by Juliaon 11/29/12
    Yay! Free reeds!
  • 2 free saxophone reeds!
    Review by Malcolm Williamson 11/19/12
    This is a great thing CE Winds is doing. I cue renting own a tenor saxophone by CE Winds and it plays great! Now to have good reeds to play on would be absolutely amazing!
  • Cheap
    Review by Jourumon 11/18/12
    Saves me a lit of money and great service!
  • This is cool!
    Review by Ryanon 11/18/12
    I very much so appreciate this!
  • great deal
    Review by jayon 11/18/12
    awesome deal
  • What a great offer!
    Review by Chrison 11/17/12
    ! I've got 2 daughters on woodwinds, and you know students and reeds, they usually chip before they wear out! This is a great offer and very much appreciated!
  • Great offer
    Review by Blondieon 11/17/12
    I am excited to see that i can get some Bari sax reeds. They are normally so expensive
  • Cool!
    Review by Cassieon 11/17/12
    I love free stuff!
  • AWESOME!!!
    Review by iJiggsyon 11/16/12
    Thanks so much CE Winds for doing this! Feels like I'm always short on reeds, but I never have enough money to have a steady supply of reeds and usually just end up using "expired", cracked, or chipped reeds beyond their life span.

    I'm glad that will no longer be a problem. Thanks so much CE Winds for all of your help!
  • Great
    Review by Marinoon 11/16/12
  • Great way to get free reeds.
    Review by Dgurl808on 11/16/12
    I love Free Saxophone Reeds For Students. It's a great opportunity to get free reeds. I'd like to thank my friend for showing me this.
  • Yea
    Review by Anthonyon 11/15/12
    I don't have one
  • Yea
    Review by Anthonyon 11/15/12
    I don't have one

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