Our Story

Our Story

We each had a goal… buy and resell enough saxophones in order to pay for our “Dream” instruments… mine being a Yamaha YAS 82Z ul Alto Saxophone, his being a Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Saxophone. One sax at a time; searching, bidding, buying, repairing, reselling, learning. More often than we realized, we were bidding on the same saxophones, pushing each others ‘prices’ higher and higher, until a brief conversation when we were talking about the “good one” we hoped we both landed.

“I just bid on this beautiful Conn New Wonder II alto on eBay”

“Dude, you’re bidding on that one too? Are you kidding me?”

“No, I just placed a bid”

“So did I…, hmmm, this doesn’t make sense”

The conversation between us began, and CE Winds was formed! (well, not quite CE Winds yet, but we will get there soon.)

As we combined our resources and started buying and reselling vintage and used saxophones together, we also teamed up with a US business person who lived overseas and worked directly with Saxophone Factories in Asia. He was involved with a brand that had a great reputation worldwide, and we got into a relationship with his factory distributing this brand to the United States Market.

It was a great experience for us, really getting to work with a saxophone factory on product design, sales and marketing. This relationship was a huge part of us being able to develop a relationship with several other factories who were also making some high quality instruments for companies globally, while we worked on creating our own brand of instruments, CE Winds! (told you we’d get here!)

Since that time in 2007 when CE Winds launched, we have worked with the same factories internationally to continually deliver some of the best saxophones made in the entire world. We have great relationships with these companies and rely on feedback from both sides in order to provide our customers with saxophones that not only play great, but will last for years to come. We’ve sold many saxophones over the years, but if you search eBay or Craigslist ads, you hardly see them come up. It’s easy for us to figure out why!

But that’s not our entire story…..

In 2010, while on a drive from Ft Myers to Jacksonville, we were continuing to discuss how we can move CE Winds forward into not just a brand, but a saxophone “Company” that can really make a difference in the industry. We admired so many of the great pioneers and pillars in the industry, some newer and some older, and we wanted to be known as a company that made a mark on the industry!

“Mouthpieces – we need to make mouthpieces. Manufactured by us, not buying blanks, but handmade by us.”

<10 minutes of silence>

<5 more minutes of silence>

“Ok – let’s do it!”

The reason we said mouthpieces was that, over time, we had started to acquire some great playing vintage mouthpieces. We are talking mouthpieces that make you want to “slap yourself” they played so good. Mouthpieces that, although there were some great playing mouthpieces being made, these just had that special thing about them, and we wanted to figure out what that thing was and how to duplicate it. So, as we always joke to each other – we went to the Library and borrowed every book on making mouthpieces. (there are none, by the way)

3 years later, in April of 2013, we released our first 100% handmade in Ft Myers, Florida saxophone mouthpiece – The Legend Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece. Since then, we’ve officially released 12 CE Winds Handmade Saxophone Mouthpiece models (as of 2016) in both alto and tenor, and are currently working on Baritone and Soprano Saxophone mouthpieces to be released in the future. We have also worked with other companies on the development of their own lines of mouthpieces. Us, along with our team of saxophone professionals and other musicians, machinists, craftsman, internet marketing & social media experts, have helped turn CE Winds into a growing company that will continue to grow for many years to come!

Most of all, we are so fortunate to be surrounded by great friends and customers who encourage us, and have supported us since our first year of being in business. We pride ourselves on our high volume of return customers, because we treat others the way we want to be treated – with courtesy and respect – which is why we offer Lifetime Warranties on all Brassite (a material developed and used exclusively by CE Winds) Handmade Saxophone Mouthpieces. We also offer 30 Day Money Back Guarantees on all CE Winds Saxophone Mouthpiece purchases, and 14 Day Money Back Guarantees on all CE Winds Saxophone Purchases.

We sincerely look forward to earning your business over and over again.

Brian Seltz
President, CE Winds

Mark Wigginton
President, CE Winds

mark & brian