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Saxophone Mouthpiece Manufacturing – The CE Winds Way

Saxophone Mouthpiece Manufacturing

CE Winds Handmade Saxophone Mouthpiece Manufacturing

The production of every CE Winds handmade saxophone mouthpiece starts and ends in Ft Myers Florida. We have a small (and very efficient) saxophone mouthpiece manufacturing facility where every saxophone mouthpiece blank is made from the best raw materials that we can find, machined and refined by trained professionals, hand finished by our own team, and test played by in-house saxophone players, all before they leave our shop.

We do not use any CNC machines to make our mouthpieces – no issue with CNC, most of the top manufacturers are currently using CNC production to make some great saxophone mouthpieces! We prefer the method of traditional craftsmanship, the way most saxophone mouthpieces were made when some of THE BEST saxophone mouthpieces were being made!

Saxophone Mouthpiece Manufacturing - CE Winds
CE Winds Studio Sonic Alto Mouthpiece Being Trimmed on the lathe.

Our production team (as of writing this on 12/1/2015) is able to make and machine between 15-25 blanks per day, and our finishing team is able to hand face, test play, and complete between 10-15 mouthpieces per day. We are currently producing 11 different CE Winds saxophone mouthpiece models, in over 40 different sizes. We also assist other companies with custom designs, and offer exclusive OEM mouthpieces to top retailers around the world.

Saxophone Mouthpiece Manufacturing - CE Winds
Final Buffing of The Legend Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

There may be companies that tell you their way is the best way, or or the only way, but we know that there are so many great options for saxophone mouthpieces in the marketplace. What we can tell you is that there are not many companies out there that are offering what we are offering, and that can manufacture top handmade saxophone mouthpieces on the scale, and with the quality, that CE Winds does it.

Saxophone Mouthpiece Manufacturing - CE Winds
Removing the seam on a Mainstream Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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